Group of runners wearing Nathan hydration packs and vests while running down the beach with waves rolling in


Group of runners wearing Nathan hydration packs and vests while running down the beach with waves rolling in


We LOVE Nathan. You LOVE Nathan. Let’s Make it Official.

Now you can team up with Nathan and make (more) money! Transfer your love for the brand into real currency...literally. Every time you direct customers to and they make a qualifying purchase, you earn a commission. It’s as easy as that.


Why Partner with Nathan?

For over 40 years, Nathan has provided best-in-class essentials designed to help runners enhance and improve their performance, mile after mile and year after year. Our hydration vests and handhelds, running packs, safety gear and apparel, offer a perfect balance of form, fit and function for athletes at all levels. Whether walking, hiking, running a mile, a marathon or more, our wide range of outdoor apparel and gear delivers on what matters most – intuitive design, comfort, quality, and smart storage. There’s no other brand like us!

Nathan’s Affiliate Program is a great way to earn extra income — perfect for running, cycling, hiking, yoga, cross training, and other fitness websites, blogs, vlogs, influencers, run clubs and more.


The Benefits


  • Work with a trusted and popular brand

  • A simple sign-up process

  • Competitive commission rates

  • Resources with helpful information to accelerate and elevate your program

  • Previews and early access to new products and promotions

  • Access to a bank of branded banners and text links that you can use to promote


How do I Become a Nathan Affiliate?

We've partnered with Commission Junction to help maintain our Affiliate program. Signing up is easy!


  • Already on Commission Junction? Click here
  • Not on Comission Junction? Click here


We'll let you know via email whether your site has been accepted into the program.



What is the Nathan Affiliate Program and how does it work?

The Nathan Affiliate Program is a service that allows participating websites to earn commission on sales referred to our Nathan website using tracking links. We provide you with the custom links and supporting banners for you to post on your website. When a customer from your website makes a purchase on, we track that transaction and give you a commission on the sale. You'll also have 24-hour online access to traffic and sales statistics through Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing.

Is my site eligible to become a Nathan Sports Affiliate?

Nathan accepts websites that are relevant to our business, products and community. We are open to many different types of sites; however, we will not accept websites with any objectionable content and reserve the right to refuse or evoke membership as we see fit.

Are there any fees associated with joining the program?

No fees are required, and no costs are associated with participation.

How do I become an Affiliate?

Signing up is easy. The first step is to register with our affiliate program partner.


  • Already on Commission Junction? Click here
  • Not on Commission Juntion? Click here


Your application will be reviewed upon receipt (please allow 5 – 7 business days) and approved if it meets the acceptable criteria. We will let you know via email whether your site has been accepted or not into the program.

Do product returns affect my commission?

If a customer returns a product or if the credit charge or other form of payment is reversed, you will not receive a commission.

How do you track my sales referred by my site?

We've partnered with Commission Junction to manage our Affiliate Program and to handle reporting. When a visitor clicks the affiliate link on your site and makes a purchase at, Commisson Junction keeps track of that sale. Commisson Junction will make reports available on how your links are performing and how much commission you're earning.

I already have a Commission Junction account, do I need to complete another form?

If you are already signed up on Commission Junction - Click here to sign up with

What products are eligible for commission?
All products available online at are eligible. When customers referred by your site make a purchase, you earn a commission (including your own purchases!).

How and when will I get paid?

Payments are made 30 days after the close of the month. You can choose to be paid via check or direct deposit.


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